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Promotional raincoat custom cheap logo printed PE rain poncho



It is a men's and women's jacket (single coat) with the main function of attaching muscle water, and it is also an indispensable everyday item for people. The requirements are light, soft and comfortable. The fabric has high water resistance and the structure is sealed.


According to historical records, the earliest raincoats used by our ancestors were bamboo pieces, bamboo pieces, and thatched grasses and hats (also known as buckets or bamboo poles). They were often seen in the Jiangnan countryside before the liberation. Today, with abundant material resources, farmers in the remote rural areas in the south can still see peasants working in the fields wearing hats and cloaks on rainy days. Around the time of Cang Qiu period, China has invented a tarpaulin raincoat made of tung oil, which is a major breakthrough in the history of raincoat development. After the Southern and Northern Dynasties, new progress was made in the production of tarpaulin raincoats. In the Tang Dynasty, there was a raincoat made of silk and silk. Modern raincoat made of tape. Modern use of plastic thin strip or rain cloth (such as high-density fabrics, fabric coating, coating, water repellent treatment, etc.) make raincoats. In recent years, with the development of high technology, a rain-proof material with high technical content, PTFE membrane, waterproof and moisture-permeable laminated fabric was first developed by WL Gore Corporation in the United States in 1976, and it has also been developed in China. success. It is a high-tech waterproof product with excellent overall performance and excellent waterproof performance. In addition to producing ideal raincoats and snow coats, they can also produce daily clothing, sportswear, sea wear, fire protection clothing, industrial protective clothing, space suits, surgical gowns, military combat uniforms, sleeping bags, speed boat suits, and portable tents. Wait.


Men's raincoats are usually dome or bowl caps, and the collars are smaller occlusive collars. In the middle row or double row New Zealand, the common row of dark New York, oblique pockets on both sides, with shoulder and sleeves for decoration. In order to strengthen the rain-proof function, it is often added on the shoulders and shoulders, which looks like split lines. Women’s raincoats are usually fitted with triangular rain caps on the collars, with sharp corner collars and the same as men’s raincoats.


1 According to wearing objects, there are men's raincoats and women's raincoats. 2 according to structural modeling points, there are hooded, coat-style and sleeveless cloak type. 3 According to the material, there is a tarpaulin raincoat (sewed with a tarpaulin coated with tung oil or eucalyptus on the surface of the fabric. The tarpaulin raincoat is rough, hard and resistant, and it is gradually eliminated). The rubber-coated tape is sewn or glued together, and has good elasticity, insulation and folding resistance. It is widely used as a labor protection product for windproof and rainproof). It is used as a film raincoat (using polyvinyl chloride or polyethylene). The plastic beach film is made of adhesive and has the advantages of simple production, light and soft, variety of colors, and low price, etc.) and rain-proof cloth raincoat (sewed with waterproof cloth that has been treated with hydrophobic or oil-repellent treatment, and has been treated with oil-repellent cloth Both water repellent and good breathability, suitable for business raincoats). 4 According to usage, there are two types of life and occupation. The former include raincoats, windbreakers, and ponchos, with various specifications; the latter include military raincoats, fire protection raincoats, field work raincoats, underground mining pit suits, and traffic police duty raincoats (with reflective patches).

Fabrics and colors commonly used fabrics are polyester cotton khaki, polyester cotton poplin, cotton cloth, pure polyester ultra high density waterproof cloth, rainproof polyester silk, cotton khaki, etc., generally have to go through rainproof or coating treatment, to achieve protection against rain Excellent performance, a certain degree of breathability. The color is usually beige or silver gray.

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